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The biggest problem regarding the Tesla turbine engines’ construction has been incomplete and inaccurate plans calling themselves the Tesla turbine engine. While these plans, such as those appearing in Live Steam, Popular Mechanics and elsewhere do illustrate the basic operating principle, they are missing key components critical to the proper functioning of the engine. Trying to obtain satisfactory results matching those achieved by Tesla are impossible using these heretofore compromised plans. Tesla Engine was established in April of 1993 to provide accurate information and assistance to those interested in building reproductions of Tesla’s engine that would perform properly.

Although the CAD drawings provided with your membership are for information purposes only, they are the most complete and accurate known to date and have been used to construct highly efficient rotary engines. Photographic documentation of engines built by TEBA members is also provided. The power and simplicity of this engine is truly amazing! This is the only high power turbine that can actually be built inexpensively using only simple machining tools that can be found in many basements and garages, yet have operational advantages over multi-million dollar machines. Bladed turbines having similar performance specifications would be completely out of the question for an average individual to build much less afford. Not so with Tesla’s “bladeless” device. As Tesla declared it is the Energy Solution!

The drawings you will receive with membership faithfully detail the essential elements incorporated into Tesla’s original 110 HP design with the exception of the nozzle. Tesla’s later variable nozzle design, originally intended for his vertical take off aircraft, is substituted. Tesla’s later nozzle design allows for maximum efficiency, even at low power settings, without having to replace a fixed nozzle insert, as called for in Tesla’s earlier experimental prototype. This nozzle has proven to perform exactly as Tesla claimed in units that have recently been built. It is particularly attractive for applications with variable steam outputs as occur with solar heated systems. This nozzle can be tuned during operation, dynamically, for maximum steam velocity and therefore maximum efficiency.

The engine drawings, while complete for a single stage steam application, also represent the same basic design described by Tesla for use in the hot section of his petroleum fueled version of the engine.

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