Tesla Health Engines – Electro Stimulation and Massage

Nikola Tesla – Father of Modern Electro–Medicine

Today variations of Tesla’s revolutionary device for electro-stimulation
and massage are affordabe and availabe to all.
Just as Tesla declared in 1896.

The following device is available from Tesla Engine as a premium for membership donation at the Benefactor level.

  • This unit adopts the Ancient Chinese medical practice of acupuncture technology. The acupuncture points are used to treat various ailments.

  • The device serves two purposes:
    (1) send a signal to the operator when a “Qi” point that needs stimulation is touched and
    (2) can be switched to another setting that passes a light electrical pulse into that point that requires stimulation.

  • There are 360 pressure points on your ear. You don’t need to know how to detect the points, just simply apply the ear molds onto your ear,
    the machine will find the points and give you stimulation automatically.

  • For sufferers of chronic pain, inflammation, and body irregularities, acupuncture is a recognized solution to many physical ailments.
    This machine allows you to locate and stimulate your “Qi” exactly where you need it without quessing.
    The best way to find out if the Tesla Stim Acupunture is right for you and your health is to experience it.

  • Can be daily at home to locate “Qi” pathways that need stimulation.
    Then, simply flip a switch and stimulate the “Qi” in your body’s systems where you need it most.

  • A map of acupuncture pressure points is included with each unit.
    These maps are your pathway to improved “Qi” flow and all the health benefits you may receive from freeing up the blockages in your “Qi” pathways.



WARNING: Do not use the Tesla Stim if pregnant, if you have a pacemaker or suffer from malignant tumors, excessive bleeding or tuberculosis. Not to be used by children under the age of 3. Tesla stimulators are FDA recognized for electro-stimulation and massage only. Not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
Always consult your health care practitioner.

All information contained at this site for educational purposes only.
Pricing and availability of items offered subject to change.